Board of Directors

The individuals who are selected to serve on the board of directors for SWI Industrial Solutions act on behalf of our “shareholders” who in our case are the employees and staff members who are the heart and soul of SWI Industrial Solutions. The board carries responsibility for overall policy decisions and providing oversight. Comprised of business professionals and community leaders, each board member contributes their own unique skill set, shaping SWI Industrial Solutions as a productive social enterprise. Their shared vision, enthusiasm, strategic thinking, and fiscal responsibility insure the ongoing success of SWI Industrial Solutions to provide meaningful work to persons with disabilities, to provide quality products and services to our customers and to promote the growth of our local economy.

Board Member Responsibility

Fiduciary Responsibility

SWI Industrial Solutions board members have a fiduciary responsibility to care for the finances and legal requirements of the corporation. They must act in good faith and with a reasonable degree of care, and they must not have any conflicts of interest. That is, the interests of the company must take precedence over personal interests of individual board members.

Mission and Vision

Board members are responsible for setting the mission of the company and assuring that all actions are related to and adhere to that mission to achieve our ultimate vision for SWI.


Board members do not participate in the day-to-day decision-making; instead, they set overall policy, based on the corporate mission and vision and they exercise an oversight function, reviewing the actions of corporate officers and executives.

Jeremy McLaughlin


Joseph Johnson


Elizabeth Godwin


Gary Bishop

Kevin Austin

Rick Himbaugh

Charlie Huntress

Jana Wolfe


John Foley


John Twitty

Layne McBride

Mary Snelson

Brian Brooks

Michael Daniel