SWI Action Plan COVID-19

This is SWI Industrial Solutions plan for if/ when COVID-19 affects the employees at the workshop and people in the areas. The below is subject to change as more information is presented to SWI. This is for both Springfield and Marshfield locations.

We are planning on the middle of April having a nurse here from Jordan Valley. This will monitor and test staff and employees for possible corona virus.

If you think you have a fever do not come to work and get tested! No one comes to SWI until 48 hours that they are fever free.

If/ When we have someone, staff or employee, that has tested positive for COVID-19 we will shut down for two days and sterilize the workshop. All staff that does not have the virus will come and help with sterilization. We will then start having everyone’s temperature checked before they enter the building. If a staff or employee has a fever they will not be allowed in the building and will be sent home for two weeks or until tested and does not have COVID-19. If that person has rode a bus or mass transportation everyone that works at SWI on that vehicle will be sent home for two weeks or until tested and proven does not have COVID-19.

If the virus comes into the workshop and we have most of our workforce with the virus we will send employee’s home for vacation until the two weeks period or when advised through county officials that they could come back to work. If it is in Greene County we will send our work to Webster and the opposite if in Webster County. Staff that does not have virus will come to work.

If both our workshops are infected we will send work out to rural workshops or bring in Temp. Services if available. I have contacted Dawn Cox GM of DOCO in Ava, MO. With DOCO being in a more rural area would assume there would be at a lesser risk. They have around 40 employees and do quality work.

We would send the work down with our staff that would not have the virus to do quality control of what is being produced. We would pay DOCO for their work.

After we have been cleared we would start back at SWI doing our normal business.

We believe this plan would help us maintain our customers business and our quality of work.